When creating a character you have 11 points to spend on the following: Str, Con, Dex, Int, Wis, Cha

The higher the score the more points it costs. You first choose one score to start at -1, all other scores are 0 unless you spend points on them. You may choose to start with a point buy of 10 to have no ability scores of -1.

If you are playing a human you have 14 points to spend instead of 11. If not you gain a +1 to one or more scores dependent on race. This adjustment is made after you have completed point buy.

Point Buy Table
Score Cost
1 1
2 2
3 4
4 8


  • You add strength to all melee and thrown weapon attack rolls.
  • You add your strength to melee weapon damage (even two handed weapons) and half that to thrown weapon and off hand melee damage.
  • You add strength to your fortitude defense


  • You add your constitution to your maximum HP every odd level except first level where you add twice your constitution. You gain at least 1 hit point even if the total of your hit die roll and constitution is 0.
  • You add constitution to your fortitude defense


  • You may choose to use dexterity on any attack roll but if you do you forgo your strength bonus to that attack roll.
  • Add half your dexterity to damage rolls with the property “ranged.”
  • You add your dexterity as part of your AC, but never more than your armor’s maximum dex bonus allows.
  • You add your dexterity to your reflex defense.


  • Your intelligence at first level character creation is the number language points you start with. You are literate in your automatic languages, all other languages cost 1 point to understand and a second point for literacy.
  • You add your intelligence to your reflex defense.




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