The Great Kingdom of Fior, more commonly known as Fioria, is a costal country situated at the far east of the continent of Notreria. It is the largest human kingdom on the continent and has the largest combined army and navy of all the races. The two great cities of note are the capital Fioria City and Avolen; The Silver Port.

What is currently Fioria began as a coastal city state, but grew through its success in both politics and warfare. The most recent acquisition of the kingdom was the annexation of Alfheim, formerly a great elven country, when it was nearly totally destroyed by the Cancer Goddess.

Recent History

The house of Fior fell in 1010. There is some conflict as to the nature of what caused it, but the facts that are agreed upon by all follow. A child that, at the time, all believed was the prince was found dead in a sealed chamber with the king. The Fiorian General Kaelen Lakesley slew the king and, as there was no longer an heir to the throne, declared himself the new King of Fioria. Many believed this to be the end of days as the House of Fior had remained in power for hundreds of years without interruption.

In 1032 Al’Jiber shocked the nations of Notreria with their invasion of Alfheim. Normally the Horizon Seekers would have put up a powerful defense, but fell magic granted to the invading forces by The Cancer Goddess caused the druid’s power to turn against them. Devastation followed as the elven people were quickly crushed under the combined might of the desert armies and the abominations their protectors had been twisted into.

Reenforced by transfigured creatures and preceded by the elven and human refugees of Alfheim the Al’Jiberian army marched north intent on conquering the entirety of the coast. Fioria looked as though it would lose the war until two major events took place. First the true prince of Fioria was revealed to be alive and took his throne back by demonstrating his lineage by way of an artifact called The Gauntlet of Storms. The second was reinforcement sent by The Hemocracy in exchange for a minor tribute.

The forces of the undead fought alongside the knights of the great kingdom, and the warmaidens of Resanna to stem the tied of the aberrations. The king himself lead the final assault destroying the threat once and for all.

When the war was over The Hemocratic Tribute was paid, and Alfheim was annexed into Fioria. Since then there has been little open conflict. Monsters still emerge from the dead form of The Cancer Goddess but fewer arise each year.

The terrorist group Raamfaya has been harassing the crown using assassination, theft, violence and inciting civil unrest to bring the kingdom into anarchy.

Royal Family

King Aryn Hurst Fior
Queen Meredith Fior
Prince Trent Hurst Fior

The Nine Blades of Fioria


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