Bloodied: When you are at or below 1/2 (rounded up) your maximum HP you are bloodied. You remain bloodied for the rest of the encounter even if you recover enough HP to rise above 1/2 your maximum HP. When you are bloodied to acquire 1 wound.

Wound: Each wound deals damage equal to 10% of the target’s HP, but wound damage does not stack with normal damage. Wounds are not removed at the end of a encounter. A character who is bloodied takes a wound automatically, as does one reduced to 0 HP or less (a character brought from >50% HP to less than 0 takes two wounds). Many healing spells remove wounds. If a spell removes wounds and heals HP the wound is removed first, and then the HP is healed.

Example: If a character has 70 HP maximum and 3 wounds he cannot bring his HP above 49 by any means until his wounds are healed.

If an unwounded character has 70 maximum HP and has already taken 20 damage, and then takes one wound as an effect of an enemy’s attack he notes down the wound but does not lose HP as the 7 damage from the wound does not stack with the 20 he has already taken. At the end of the encounter if his wound isn’t healed he recovers to 63 Hp as the 7 damage from his wound remains.

Encounter: An encounter ends when threat of immediate danger has passed, but as with most things this is at the GM’s discretion. At the end of an encounter all characters recover any used encounter abilities and return to their maximum HP after wounds. All effects that last until the end of the encounter end at this point.

Natural Healing: A night of rest can heal 1 wound.

Cancel: If an action is cancelled it is still performed, but it does not have any effect; any spell slots/encounter abilities/daily abilities/charges ect. are still spent. Any movement immediately ceases but a flying creature remains flying unless other factors (such as a lack of forward momentum in some cases) cause it to fall.

Standard Action: You receive one standard action per turn, some spells and abilities can cause you to gain more. You may expend your standard action to use a move, or swift action.

Move Action: You receive one move action per turn, some spells and abilities can cause you to gain more. You may expend your move action to use a swift action.

Swift Action: You receive one swift action per turn, some spells and abilities can cause you to gain more.

Counter: You may perform one counter between the time your turn begins and the start of your next turn. Normally there needs to be a triggering action to allow you to use a counter.

Attacks of Opportunity: You may perform any number of attacks of opportunity per turn. This must be a normal attack and cannot be a weapon talent ability.

Push: Move the target 1 space away from you. This can be any direction so long as they travel away.

Pull: Move the target 1 space closer to you. This can be in any direction so long as each square moves them closer.

Shift: Movement that does not provoke attacks of opportunity. All characters have the following movement option: Move action; shift 1 space


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