On this world there are twenty two gods worshiped in every land. Their forms change region and race, but there are always a few indications aside from dogma common between all the different aspects.

This is the third era of creation. The first ended in fire, and the second ended when the gods who lived among us retreated to beyond the veil of mortal understanding.

The three gods Forun, Temis and Ledda rule over the other gods controlling all aspects of space, time, and life respectively. Formerly it was four including Death, but she left her duties to Nethei at the end of the second age when she rejoined her master Aepu.

The Gods:

0. Caldus, I. Civen, II. Mirenna, III. Ledda, IV. Forun, V. Phieret, VI. Keaisa, VII. Gozad, VIII. Resanna, IX. Lancentus, X. Temis, XI. Mokul, XII. Fior, XIII. Nethei, XIV. Empony, XV. Javisa, XVI. Vakrus, XVII. Luxal, XVIII. Azult, XIX. Shu’naref, XX.Aepu, XXI. World


Air, Animal, Arcane, Artistry, Balance, Chaos, Charm, Cold, Conquest, Creation, Death, Destruction, Dreams, Earth, Evil, Fate, Fire, Freedom, Good, Guidance, Healing, Judgement, Knowledge, Law, Life, Light, Luck, Magic, Moon, Nature, Plants, Poverty, Primal, Protection, Repose, Reign, Respite, Retribution, Sacrifice, Shadow, Spite, Strength, Sun, Travel, Trickery, Undeath, Vigilance, War, Water


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