Weapon Talents

When you gain your first weapon talent you first choose a weapon type. Then you may take a single ability from that weapon talent category. Every time you gain a weapon talent from your class it must be from the same weapon type.

If you gain a secondary weapon talent you choose a second weapon type and all secondary weapon talents must be from that weapon type. If you already have a weapon talent from a second weapon type you may continue gaining from that type for your secondary weapon talent or choose another weapon type.

The italic text immediately under the weapon type applies no matter which abilities you take.

Dual Weapons

This fighting style applies to a separate weapon in both hands, or a single weapon with two ends that you can attack with such as a staff. You may draw or sheathe both weapons as a swift action. You must be using two light weapons to avoid taking a -2 penalty to attacks when attacking with two weapons.

Double Strike: Standard action; Attack one target with both your main and off-hand weapons. Make a separate attack roll for each weapon. May be used to make attacks of opportunity.

Distracting Sweep: Swift action; Make an attack with your off hand weapon. You deal no damage on a hit, instead the target takes a -2 penalty to defenses and attacks against you and cannot make attacks of opportunity against you until the start of your next turn.

Mark for Death: Full-round Action; Charge an enemy and make an attack with your main hand. Hit: Deal double weapon damage +2 against this enemy until the end of the encounter. Miss: Make an attack with your off hand with an additional +2 bonus.

All-Out Attack: Standard action; Take a penalty up to your level to your AC. You gain that many points as a bonus to attacks you make until the end of your turn. Use a Double Strike. Requires: Double strike

Flurry of Blows: Full-round Action; Use a Double Strike, if one of these attacks hits you may then make an attack with your off hand. Requires: Double strike, 6th level

Serpent Fangs: Standard Action; Use a Double Strike, if your target is reduced to 0 hp or less you may shift 3 squares and use this ability again. Requires: Double strike, 6th level

One Handed

A one handed weapon user is often referred to as a duelist. Any weapon being used in one hand qualifies as long as it is a melee weapon and the duelist isn’t holding a weapon or shield in their off-hand. If these conditions are met a duelist gains +1 on melee attack rolls.

Lunge: Standard action; Shift one square, make an attack. If you are using a weapon with an 18-20 crit range or larger double your weapon damage dice. You may push your target 1 space.

En garde: Counter; Attacked in Melee; Make an attack roll. If it this roll is higher than your opponent’s attack the attack is cancelled.

Disarming Strike: Standard action; Make a standard attack, if the opponent is bloodied and this attack hits you may disarm him. If successful you now have his weapon in your off hand and may use the double strike two weapon fighting ability against the foe you stole it from.

King’s castle: Move action; Move your speed. You may end your turn in a willing allies’ square. That ally must then move to the last square you occupied before entering his square.

J’adoube: Swift action; Shift 1 square. Requires: 6th level

En Passant: Passive; Enemies that end their turn next to you provoke an opportunity attack. If this ability is triggered you may shift 1 square once on your turn as a free action. Requires: 6th level

Riposte: Counter; If an enemy attacks you and misses; make an attack against that enemy. Additionally if you use the en garde ability to avoid being hit you automatically hit with this attack. Requires: En Garde 6th level


This talent applies to long ranged throwing weapons (ones that cannot be used as melee weapons), longbows and shortbows as well as mounted archery. You cannot use these abilities with melee weapons with the thrown ability or ranged weapons with the slow load ability. If an opponent makes an attack of opportunity against you due to you firing your bow you gain +2 to AC vs that attack.

Precise shot: Standard action; +4 atk. Increase your critical hit range by 2. If you do not score a critical hit you only deal 1 point of weapon damage.

Shot on the Run: Full-round action; Shift 2 spaces and then make one attack. Then you may move up to your speed -2

Multishot: Standard action; range 10 burst 1; Attack all creatures in the target area. Requires: 4th level

Twin Shot: Standard action; Attack twice with at -2 attack. Requires: 4th level

Track: Swift action; Pick a target within 10 spaces. If the target moves during its turn you may make an attack against it as a counter. Requires: 6th level

Split the Arrow; Passive If you score a critical hit, increase the threat range of your next ranged attack against that enemy by 4.


Reach weapons are quite simply weapons with the reach quality. They allow for increased area of control during a fight and for you to keep yourself slightly removed from combat while still having an impact. You may attack adjacent enemies with a reach weapon even though normally you could not.

Prod attack: Standard action; Make an attack against a non-adjacent enemy. Deal damage and shift them one square on a hit.

Area of influence: No Action; You may make attacks of opportunity on any creatures that leave a square you can attack with your reach weapon, even those that are not adjacent to you. Requires: 4th level

Brace: Standard action; Until the start of your next turn you may, as a counter, attack any enemy entering a square you can attack. This attack deals double damage, and is a critical hit if you hit a charging creature.

Embrace the Whirlwind: Full-round action; Attack all creatures within two spaces of you. Requires: 6th level

Skewer: Standard action; Draw a line from you to an adjacent target, and then to one space beyond. Attack all creatures along that line.


Warriors with shields prove invaluable with their ability to control the pace of combat while simultaneously defending themselves and their allies from great harm. You gain the Shield bash ability when you take any ability from this talent.

Shield Bash: Swift action; Make an attack, treat it as though it were a normal weapon attack, but apply the shield’s magic bonus instead of the weapon’s. Hit; deal damage equal to your strength modifier + the shield’s magic modifier. You may either knock that enemy prone or push him 1 square. A shield bash cannot deal precision damage. You may use this attack for attacks of opportunity.

Sword and Board: Standard action; Make a main hand weapon attack. If it hits you may make a free shield bash attack.

Shield Charge: Full-round action; Charge your target using the bull rush combat maneuver, you gain a +2 bonus on this attack on top of the bonus offered by charging. You take no charge penalty to AC and this charge does not provoke attacks of opportunity. Make a Shield bash attack.

Combat Expertise: Free action; Take a penalty to your weapon attacks until the start of your next turn. Gain a bonus to AC and reflex defense equal to this.

Shield Counter: Counter; Attack an enemy that just moved adjacent to you with a Shield Bash. Requires: 6th level

Shield Offensive: Full-round action; Move up to two squares. Make a Shield Bash attack. Shift up to 1 square; make another Shield Bash attack, shift up to 1 square; make one last Shield Bash attack. Shield Bash. Requires: 6th level

Coup de Grace; passive; You deal double weapon damage dice against prone enemies. Hitting a prone enemy with a shield bash deals double normal damage.


When one specializes in thrown weapons they are specializing in versatility. They can attack both at a distance and up close in equal measure. These abilities may only be used with melee weapons with the thrown special ability. When you throw a weapon you increase its damage die by 1. Once per turn you may also draw a weapon with the thrown quality as a free action.

Arcing Throw: Standard action; Make a thrown weapon attack. You ignore all cover but total cover.

Snatch and Return: Counter; When an enemy makes a thrown weapon attack against you and misses; You may throw the weapon back at them. You also gain +2 AC vs. ranged attacks when you gain this ability.

Swipe and Throw: Standard action; Attack an adjacent enemy with a melee attack, then attack an enemy by throwing a weapon. This throw does not provoke attacks of opportunity from your first target, but does from any other enemies.

Extra throw: Move action; Make a thrown weapon attack. Requires: 6th level

Change Up: Free action; Once per turn when you reduce a creature to 0 hp with a ranged attack you may shift one square and make a melee attack.. Once per turn when you reduce a creature to 0hp with a melee attack you may make a free ranged attack. Requires: 8th level


Trigger weapons include both guns and crossbows. All such weapons have the slow load property to make up for the increased damage they deal. You may draw a trigger weapon as a minor action. You may draw a concealable trigger weapon as a free action.

Snipe: Full-round action; You must be at least 6 spaces away from your target to use this ability. +4 attack, and decrease the lower end of your crit range by 2. If you are hidden from your target you automatically crit on a hit.

Fast reload: Swift action; Reloading takes a swift action instead of a move action.

Point Blank Shot: Standard action; One target within 4 squares; Make an attack, if you hit you may add your level to damage.

Double load: Move action; You reload your weapon. Your next attack with this weapon deals twice its weapon die in damage. Increase damage from any critical hits as though you were rolling your normal damage die. Requires: Fast reload. 6th level

Piercing shot: Full-round action; Draw a straight line from your character. The first three targets along this line are affected by this attack. A piece of cover counts as a target as do allies. Requires: 6th level.

Two Handed

Two handed weapons are the best weapons for dealing as much damage as possible to as many targets as possible. When you take the two handed weapon talent you deal 1.5 times your strength damage on melee attacks with two handed weapons instead of your base strength damage.

Sweeping Blow: Standard action; Attack two targets that are both adjacent to one another and to you.

Hammering Blow: Standard action; Make an attack vs. a single target. You deal normal damage + 2. Until the end of the encounter every time you use this attack increase the bonus damage it grants by 2 up to a maximum of +10.

Power Attack: Free action; take a penalty to your attack roll until the end of your turn. Add twice that amount to your damage until the end of your turn.

Cleave: Free action; If you reduce an opponent to 0 hp you may shift up to one square and make a basic attack against another target. You may not use this ability to shift more than one square in a turn, but you may continue to make attacks so long as each target you hit is reduced by the attack to 0 hp. Requires: 6th level.

Whirlwind attack: Full-round Action; Shift one square. Make one attack that affects both all the creatures adjacent to you at the beginning of your shift, and all the creatures adjacent to you at the end of your shift. Requires: 8th level

Weapon Talents

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