With song, blade and trickery that borders on mystical bards are capable of filling multiple roles in any fight. She is just as capable of healing and inspiring as she is at fighting and distracting their foes.

Hit die: d8 starting HP: 12 + 2*con modifier, average per level: 5+ con modifier


Bards have a max skill of their level +4
Bards begin with 5*(int modifier + 4) skill points
Bards gain (int modifier +6) skill points per level
At first level and every level divisible by 4 you gain a skill specilization
Bardic Knowledge: A bard may make a special bardic knowledge check with a bonus equal to his bard level + his Intelligence modifier to see whether he knows some relevant information about local notable people, legendary items, or noteworthy places. If the bard has 5 or more ranks in history, he gains a +2 bonus on this check.


Bards gain a weapon talent at first level and they gain an additional ability from that talent every odd level.

Class features:

Level Feats Power chords/ uses Trickery Abilities
1st 1 2/1 1 Bardic Music I
2nd 3/2 2
3rd 2 4/3 2
4th 5/3 3 Bardic music II
5th 3 6/4 3
6th 7/4 3
7th 4 8/4 4
8th 9/5 4 Bardic music III
9th 5 10/5 4
10th 11/6 5

Bardic Music; Standard action: to begin, persists so long as the bard continues his performance: A bard can use his song or poetics to produce magical effects on those around him (usually including himself, if desired). They can all be activated by reciting poetry, chanting, singing lyrical songs, singing melodies, whistling, playing an instrument, or playing an instrument in combination with some spoken performance.

Bards can play songs with one benefit at first level. At 4th they can sing one with two benefits, and at 8th they can sing one with three benefits. Each layer can be different should the bard choose, but if he chooses to gain benefits from the same song twice the song details how it stacks with itself.

Bardic songs

Song of courage: Allies gain a +1 morale bonus to weapon attack and damage rolls. Each slotted instance of this feat increases the bonus granted by 1. Requires: 2 cha

Song of hope: While slotted you gain: Move action; all allies within 6 squares gain cha x # of slots hit points. Temporary hit points do not stack. This ability only affects allies who can hear the bard, so it does not affect unconscious allies. Requires: 3rd level

Song of celerity: Choose one ally at the start of your turn. They increase their standing in initiative by Cha. Each slotted instance of this feat allows you to choose one additional ally. Requires: 5th level

Power Chords

Power chords are spell like abilities that a bard gains that allow him to channel magic by way of his music. This can be done by playing a short series of notes on an instrument or by singing briefly. These have their uses replenished daily. These abilities also provoke an attack of opportunity unless otherwise stated.

Using a power chord is always a standard action unless otherwise noted. The attack bonus on these abilities is equal to cha + instrument + your level. The range on abilities is 10 spaces unless otherwise noted. Power chords may ignore spell failure only if you are wearing standard or lower armor. As a bard gains levels his power chords may change their effect. If he wishes he may cast a lower level version instead; caster level remains the same.

Babel Ballad: 10 minutes per level; You understand all languages and are literate in them, but you cannot speak or write in those languages. At 7th level the restriction is dropped and you can speak or write as well as understand.

Charming Chant: Attack vs. will; 1 hour per level; hit: A single living humanoid becomes friendly in attitude toward you as per charm person. At 4th level it may affect any medium sized living intelligent creature. At 7th level it may affect any living creature.

Confusing Chorus: Attack vs. will; 1 round per level; hit: A single creature becomes confused; their actions are determined by rolling a d20 at the start of their turn. At 4th level this effect is a burst 2. At 7th level this effect becomes a burst 3. Reference chart below for effects:

d20 Behavior
1-2 Attack caster
3-4 Act normally.
5-10 Do nothing but babble incoherently.
11-14 Fear effect
16-20 Attack nearest creature

Costumed Carol: Personal; 10 minutes per level: You make yourself—including clothing, armor, weapons, and equipment—look different. You can seem 1 foot shorter or taller, thin, fat, or in between. You cannot change your body type. Otherwise, the extent of the apparent change is up to you. You could add or obscure a minor feature or look like an entirely different person. +10 on disguise checks. At 4th level you may appear to be of a different race or gender, you may also appear to be up to one size category smaller, further your voice will change to an appropriate one if not a voice you are attempting to imitate. At 7th level you may appear up to one size category larger, you gain a +15 on your disguise check. If a creature interacts with the illusion make an attack vs. will. If you fail they disbelieve the illusion.

Dirge of dread: Attack vs. will, living creatures only; 1 round per level; hit: You cause the fear status effect in a single living creature. (the creature takes -2 on d20 rolls and defenses and must flee you) Miss: the target takes -2 on d20 rolls for 1 round. At 4th level this attack automatically hits all living creatures of 6 HD or less, burst 2. At 7th level Creatures are panicked (as fear, but they must also drop any objects they are carrying, and must flee from any and all dangers) blast 6.

Iambic Identity: You gain +10 + level + charisma on one arcana check to identify a magical item. You may use arcana in place of divinity while under the effects of this power chord.

Ludicrous Limerick: Attack vs. will; 1 round per level; hit: The target cannot take actions and falls prone laughing. -4 attack vs. creatures of different species.

Languid Lullaby: burst 1; target must be your level or lower, attack vs. will; 1 round per level; This attack causes creatures to fall unconscious. Higher level creatures take a -2 on all d20 rolls for 1 round per level or until hit with an attack. If your target is not in combat or aware of any danger the effect lasts 1 minute per level.

Misdirecting Melody: 24 hours: One creature or object’s alignment cannot be determined by magical divination.

Restorative rondo: One creature within 6 spaces recovers hp. The amount depends on the below chart.

Level HP recovered
1-2 1d8 + level
3-4 2d8 + level
5-6 3d8 + level
7+ 4d8 + level

Servant’s Shanty: 1 hour per level; You create a force that obeys your every command. It can only exert 20 pounds of force, and only perform one task at a time. It can only perform tasks with a DC less than 10 and that are performable by an untrained individual.

Verse of Veils: One illusion contained within burst (level +1); concentration; You create the visual illusion of an object, creature, or force. The illusion does not create sound, smell, texture, or temperature. You can move the image within the limits of the size of the effect. At 4th level the illusion creates sound, but cannot create speech. At 7th level you can have it create speech, illusory thermal effects, and smells. If a creature interacts with the illusion make an attack vs. will. If you fail they disbelieve the illusion.

Must be level 4 or higher to take the following:

Must be level 7 or higher to take the following:


The trickery ability is representative of a bard’s ability to use semi-magical devices to imitate certain spell casting abilities. A bard must take 5 consecutive full round actions to reload a trickery device. The range on these abilities is 10 unless otherwise noted. These abilities also provoke an attack of opportunity unless otherwise stated. A bard starts with 2 tricks up his sleeve. He gains another every level after that. Trickery attacks are level + dexterity.

Blinding Beacon: Attack vs. fortitude; melee, single target.; One creature is blinded by a bright flash of light from your wrist. This ability doesn’t provoke an attack of opportunity. This ability only affects creatures with eyes. Blindness lasts for a number of rounds equal to your charisma. Alternatively the light can be expended over 10 minutes per level shedding light as a torch. This light extends to 40 feet at 4th level, and 60 feet at 7th.

Bounding Boots: Personal; 1 minute; Add your charisma to your speed.

Bully Buster: Counter; Opponent attempts to grapple you; A hidden mechanical fist fires from the folds of your clothing to hit your attacker. Add dex +5 to your CMD, against this grapple. If you successfully defend you deal 1d6 + cha damage to your attacker and they are pushed away up to one space.

Groggy Gas: Attack vs. Burst 2; living creatures only: Creatures affected fall asleep for a number of rounds equal to your charisma. Only so many hit dice of creatures can be affected. Creatures closest to the center of the effect are affected first. To determine how many reference the following table:
Level Total HD
1-3 4 HD
4-6 8 HD
7+ 10 HD

Mist Machine: A misty vapor arises around you. It is stationary once created. The vapor obscures all sight, including darkvision, beyond 5 feet. A creature 5 feet away has concealment (attacks have a 20% miss chance). Creatures farther away have total concealment (50% miss chance, and the attacker cannot use sight to locate the target). A moderate wind or fire will cause the cloud to disperse. This cloud lasts for 1 minute per point of charisma you possess.

Pincers of Power: Attack vs. Fortitude; Pull target up to 5+cha squares closer to you, or move up to 5+cha squares closer to target. Automatic hit against objects. Maximum weight that can be pulled is 200 lbs x cha.

Slick Shot: Attack vs. reflex; This trick can affect a 5 foot radius area or an object held by a creature. A hit in the former case results in the creature(s) falling prone. This attack repeats on your turn for any creatures still in the area. If an object is targeted and the attack hits the object is dropped and the attack is repeated whenever a creature attempts to pick up the object. The effects persist for 1 round per point of cha.

Spring Shoes: You gain a cha+5 bonus on your next jump check. +10 at 4th level +20 at 7th.

Wrapping Wire: Attack vs. reflex: The target creature moves at half speed, cannot run, shift or charge, and takes a -2 penalty on all attack rolls and a -2 penalty to Dexterity. An entangled character who attempts to cast a spell must make a Concentration check (DC 16) or lose the spell. The effects last 1 round per point of cha.

Must be level 4 or higher to take the following:

Must be level 7 or higher to take the following


A Simple Demonstration!; Passive: If you hit with a weapon attack your allies may add your charisma as a morale bonus to their next attack against that enemy.

Opportunity Strikes!; Move action: One ally within 6 squares may make an attack immediately (using your cha as a morale bonus), but cannot use their standard action on their turn. You may only use this ability on an ally once per turn.

Advance to the Rear!; Swift action: One ally within 6 squares may take a move action. They do not get a move action on their turn. You may only use this ability on an ally once per turn. Requires cha 2

Bait and switch!; Swift action: You may make an attack vs. will against one opponent (level + cha). If you are successful that target must include an ally of your choice in any attacks it makes during its next turn. You may only use this ability once per turn. Requires cha 3

Snap out of it!: Move action; if an ally is under a daze, charm, sleep, fear, or paralyzed effect roll a level check +cha vs. the creature that caused the effect’s level +10, if you succeed that effect ends. You gain a +2 if you are adjacent to that ally.

I meant to do that!: No Action; If you roll a natural 1 treat the outcome as though it were a natural 20.

_“I’m not sure which part I hated about Trent’s plan more; the fact that we were all dressed like women and that they were hideously transparent disguises with no chance of working, or the fact that we were wildly successful in our mission.” –Ouroboros Investigator Fletch Half-orc Wizard of the 4th circle

Just a Blank!: No action; Once per encounter if you miss all enemies with one of your trickery attacks it has no effects at all, but it does not consume one of your uses per encounter.

A Lucky Misfire!: Once per encounter if you miss all enemies with one of your trickery attacks you may make the same attack again, but it uses another use per day to do so.

Slippery as an Eel!; no action: When you take a 5 foot step you may move two spaces instead of 1

Flash Step: Counter; If an attack targeting your reflex or AC misses by 5 or more you may teleport 2 squares. Once per encounter after finding out the results of an attack you may increase your reflex and AC by 5 and if that causes an attack to miss you may teleport up to 4 spaces.

Familiar: You gain a familiar that functions as a companion. Common choices are bat, cat, hawk, lizard, owl, rat, raven, tiny dog, tiny snake, toad, weasel, homunculus, spirit, fairy, imp, and crab. This creature is an extension of you. Animal familiars are treated as though they were magical beast rather than simply an animal. A familiar may speak with its master. At 4th level it may speak with other creatures of the same species, and at 6th level may speak common or any language known by its master. You may choose a knowledge skill upon gaining a familiar, they use your skill modifier in place of their own. A familiar has ½ your hp, AC: level + 16, Fort: level +6, Ref: level +16, Will: level +14. Attack bonus: level +2, damage: 1d4 +1 + ½ level.

Tales of Personal Glory: No Action; When using song of courage you gain an additional +1 attack, and double the weapon damage bonus for yourself

Tales of Wondrous revival: Standard Action Range 2, 2/encounter; Double the healing provided by Song of Hope for yourself or one ally. Requires: 3rd level

Tales of Immediate Haste: No Action; Once per encounter the ally you use Song of Celerity on may take a standard action when you do so. Requires 3 cha, 5th level


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