Hit die: d8 starting HP: 12 + 2*con modifier, average per level: 5+ con modifier


Druids have a max skill of their level +3
Druids begin with 4*(int modifier + 3) skill points
Druids gain (int modifier +3) skill points per level
At first level and every level divisible by 5 you gain a skill specilization
Wild Empathy: You can use social skills on an animal as if it were an intelligent creature. You gain a +4 bonus when doing so.

Class features:


The number of spells a druid can have memorized is dependent on her charisma, while the attack bonus is ½ her level + spell level + wisdom modifier.

Divine Magic: The number of spells a druid can memorized is dependent on her charisma, while the attack bonus is ½ her level + spell level + wisdom modifier. A druid does is not affected by spell failure.

Spontaneous Casting of Summon Nature’s Ally or Cure Spells: A druid can spontaneously cast a summon nature’s ally or cure spell in place of a prepared spell of the same level or higher. The divine energy of the spell that the summon nature’s ally spell substitutes for is converted into the summon or cure spell as if that spell had been prepared all along.

Orisons: A druid has access to spells that she never expends. When she prepares spells she may prepare a number of cantrips (listed as 0th) according to the table below. She may cast any prepared cantrip any number of times, but may only have one active spell per preparation (example: a druid prepares the “light” spell in one of his slots but not in any of the others. He may only have one “light” spell active at any given time and a second casting dispels the first. If he had two “light” spells prepared he could have two active instances at a time.)

Druid armor limitations: A druid may not wear metal armor or shields (this always includes any better than standard armor or use better than light shields). Doing so causes them to lose spell casting abilities for 24 hours.

Bonus Languages: Druids may choose sylvan even if their race normally cannot. Druids gain Druidic as a bonus language. They are not allowed to teach this language to non-druids.

Animal companion: You gain an animal companion as per pathfinder rules.

Wildshape: As per pathfinder wildshape rules.

Level Feats Abilities
1st 1 Orisons, Divine Magic,
Animal Companion
3rd 2
4th Wildshape
6th 3
9th 4

Crafting feats

Crafting feats produce magical items. You can willingly depower an item so that it no longer counts against your limit. If you want to allow others to use a crafted item you must go through further rituals to transform it into a permanent spell storing item.

Spell storing: You can turn spells into scolls, runes, and other one use spell storing items. You may have a number of such items determined by the below table. It takes one hour to produce such an item and requires you to cast the spell into the scroll. The attack bonus equals the minimum ability score + spell level + 1/2 your level.

Level 1st 2nd 3rd 4th 5th
1st 1
2nd 2
3rd 2 1
4th 2 2
5th 2 2 1
6th 2 2 2
7th 3 2 2 1
8th 3 2 2 2
9th 3 3 2 2 1
10th 3 3 2 2 2

Craft impliment: You may cast any spell you know (chosen at creation) from an implement three times per day. You may only possess 2 crafted implements at any time, and one may be equal to your second highest spell level or lower, the second must be at least one level below that. You use the attack bonus from the table if the implement is used to attack. It takes 4 hours to craft an implement.

Improve implement: You may use your casting modifier and level to determine caster level and attack bonus with your implements. Requires: Craft implement.

Craft major implement: You create a major implement that you may only have one of at a time. This implement takes 24 hours to craft and comes with 8 charges. Choose any three spells you know. Casting spells of your level cost 4 charges, spells of one level lower cost 2, spells of any lower cost 1. This does not count toward your possessed impliments for craft implement. Requires: Improved implement, level 9

Level 1st 2nd 3rd 4th 5th
1st 2
2nd 3
3rd 4 2
4th 5 3
5th 6 4 2
6th 6 5 3
7th 6 4 2
8th 6 5 3
9th 6 4 2
10th 6 5 3

Caller: Double the duration of any summoning spells you cast. You may telepathically order these creatures.

Summoner: All creatures you summon gain the following: +2 str, +2 con. Requires: Caller

Improved Summon: When you summon more than one creature with a summon nature’s ally spell increase the number of creatures you summon by 1. Requires: Caller

Improved animal companion: Makes your animal companion better Requires: Animal companion, level 3

Livewood crafter: You remove your equipment limitations by wearing armor and armor made from living wood. Druids add +2 to all weapon damage using melee weapons made from livewood.

Livewood symbiosis: Your livewood armor reduces its speed penalty by 1, and your livewood weapons deal +4 damage instead of +2. Your livewood grants you a +2 to nature, divinity, and alertness checks. Requires: Livewood crafter

Woodland stride: Ignore difficult terrain. +1 speed.

Wild spellshaper: You may cast spells while in wild shape form.* Requires: druid level 6*

Wild Warrior: Increase your str and con by 1 while wildshaped. Requires: Wis 4

Healer: Increase the die size of all healing spells you cast by 1. Cure minor wounds now heals 1d6 hp, do not increase this die size. Healing an ally who is at 0 hp or less grants double hp.

Gift of Life: Healing spells no longer provoke an attack of opportunity. If you prepare a healing spell you may cast it twice before it is expended. R*equires: Healer*

Blessings from Afar: Any healing spells with a range of touch are now range 3, but lose one die size of potency for every space between you and your target. This ability may only be used if the spell uses dice to determine how much healing one receives. Requires: Healer


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