Rogues are nimble and not afraid to fight dirty. They take advantage of openings caused by their allies, and are able to quickly melt into the chaos of battle to escape or reposition themselves for another critical strike.

Hit die: d8 starting HP: 12 + 2*con modifier, average per level: 5+ con modifier


Rogues have a max skill of their level +5
Rogues begin with 6*(int modifier + 4) skill points
Rogues gain (int modifier +6) skill points per level
At first level and every level divisible by 3 you gain a skill specilization
Spy: If a creature is unaware of the rogue he gains a +2 bonus to incite, perception, and stealth rolls against that creature.


Rogues gain a weapon talent at first level and they gain an additional ability from that talent every odd level. At 5th level rogues may gain a second weapon talent. They gain abilities for this talent every even level, but they treat their level as being 2 lower for any requirements.

Class features:

Level Feats Abilities Sneak attack
1st 1 Sneak Attack 2d4
2nd 2 Combo
3rd Motion 3d4
4th 3
5th Precision 4d4
6th 4
7th Anatomical Expert 5d4
8th 5
9th Impetuous 6d4
10th 6

Sneak attack: No action; [Precision damage] When you are flanking an enemy, the enemy is flat footed or the enemy cannot see you, you deal extra damage on a hit according to the table above. All sneak attack die size increases stack and proceed as follows: d4 → d6 →d8 →d10 →d12 → 2d8 →2d10 →2d12

Combo: No action: If you qualify for a sneak attack in multiple ways against a single enemy (Ex: flanking an enemy who cannot see you) you increase your sneak attack die size by 1 for each condition beyond the first.

Motion: Gain a feat: Tumble or Body Check. You must still qualify for the feat. If you do not you may gain one of the two feats later when you do qualify for it.

Precision: No action;. Add your intelligence to your crit range up to double your weapons normal range; Increase the size of critical damage dice by 1 if a critical hit is scored.

Anatomical Expert: No action: If you hit a sneak attack against a living creature you increase your sneak attack die size by 1.

Impetuous: Free Action: Take a penalty to AC up to your level, you increase your speed and attack bonus by half that amount but you may only take the move action once this turn. All bonuses and penalties last until the start of your next turn.


Tumble; move action: As part of a move action you may spend two squares of movement to shift 1 square. requires: Dex 3, 9 ranks in acrobatics

Big Stick: Passive; If you are using a weapon with a higher critical damage multiplier than x2 increase your sneak attack die size by 1. Requires: Str 3

Curb Stomp: Passive; [sneak attack]: You may deal sneak attack damage to a prone enemy. Whenever you use the trip maneuver you may then make a free basic attack on the creature you just tripped. Requires: Str 2

Body Check: Minor action; Combat maneuver; Hit; shift the target 1 space. You may then move into a space that creature occupied within 1 space of where you started. You may sneak attack this target. Requires: Str 2, 9 ranks in athletics

Shank: Passive; [sneak attack]: +2 on grapple combat maneuver attack and defense. You may sneak attack enemies you or your allies are grappling. Requires:: Str 3

Flexible flanking: Passive: You are flanking if you are on an enemy’s corner and you have an ally on either opposite side, or an ally occupies a corner and you are on either opposite side of that enemy. Requires: Dex +4

Redirect: Counter; An enemy attacks you and misses in melee: The enemy rerolls the attack with a +4 bonus targeting another creature within range (your choice). Requires: Dex 4

Armor Breaker: Passive: When you score a sneak attack that is also a critical hit your target takes a -2 to all defenses, AC and d20 rolls until the end of the encounter. You may forgo applying these penalties to instead increase your sneak attack die size by an additional 1 on this attack. Requires:: Dex 3

Evasion: Passive: If an enemy attacks your reflex you ignore any misses. At 8th level instead a hit vs. reflex causes the miss condition effect instead of hit hit effect. Requires: Dex 3

Distract: Counter; An enemy attacks you; that enemy provokes attacks of opportunity if they normally would not. You may not deal sneak attack damage on this attack of opportunity Requires: Int 3

Advantage; Passive: If you are flanking an opponent your critical hit range is increased by 1, hitting with a critical attack on a sneak attack deals an extra 1 sneak attack die of damage Requires: Int 3

Opportunist: Free action: If an ally hits an enemy with an attack of opportunity you may make a single basic attack against that enemy. Requires: Int 3

Superior Grounding: No action: You qualify for a sneak attack against an opponent if you are on higher ground or they are on difficult terrain and you are not. Requires: Int 2

A Demonstration: Passive: If you hit an opponent with a sneak attack all your allies gain a +2 bonus on attacks against that target. The target also gains vulnerability equal to Cha until the start of your next turn. Requires: Cha 2

The Best: Counter: Use this ability when an ally hits an enemy. Track the damage dealt by that ally. You gain a bonus to attack equal to your Cha. If you manage to deal more damage to the enemy during your next turn you gain Cha + your level temporary hp. If you reduce the enemy to 0 hp you gain +1 sneak attack die until the end of the encounter (you may only gain this benefit once per encounter). Requires: Cha 3

Comeback: If an enemy attacks you they gain vulnerable to your attacks equal to cha+level until the end of your next turn. When you are bloodied you gain a +1 to AC and all defenses. Requires: Cha 3

Teamwork: No action: If you are flanking an enemy you gain an additional +1 from flanking. Any allies you flank with also gain an extra +1 from flanking. Requires: Cha 2


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