A skirmisher is an expert at fighting multiple opponents at once. They are capable of moving, disabling, striking and evading in a single fluid set of motions, and the longer they fight, the faster and more terrible their blows become.

Hit die: d8 starting HP: 12 + 2*con modifier, average per level: 5+ con modifier


Skirmishers have a max skill of their level +5
Skirmishers begin with 6*(int modifier + 4) skill points
Skirmishers gain (int modifier +6) skill points per level
At first level and every level divisible by 3 you gain a skill specilization


Skirmishers gain a weapon talent at third level and they gain an additional ability from that talent every third level.

Class features:

Level Feats Abilities
1st 1 Skirmish, Variant, Jab
2nd 2 Variant
3rd Mobility
4th 3 Variant
5th Lethality
6th 4 Variant
7th Reversal
8th 5 Variant
10th 6 Variant

Skirmish: Every time you successfully hit an enemy you gain +1 momentum. Momentum resets at the end of each encounter.
Full round action: Move up to your speed (with a bonus from momentum) and attack up to a number of enemies as corresponds to your momentum. The attacks are basic melee attacks, but you may choose a single variant for each attack. You make a single attack roll for all attacks you make that round. You may only use each variant on one enemy, and you must choose bfore attacking. You cannot use multiple variants on the same enemy during a single skirmish attack. Attacks of opportunity take place after you make your attacks in order.

Momentum Targets Mobility Lethality
0 1 target +1 AC vs. AoO -
1-3 2 targets, +1 speed +2 AC vs. AoO 1:2
4-10 3 targets, or one
target twice , +1 speed
+4 AC vs. AoO 1:3
11+ 4 targets or one
target twice, +1 speed
+6 AC vs. AoO 1:5

Variant: At first level you gain jab and one variant of your choice. These are attacks you may use while skirmishing.

Jab: variant; If you attack an enemy with this you gain +4 on your attack against them. If you have 8 or more momentum double your critical hit range.

Toss: variant; You may draw and make a basic thrown/ranged weapon attack in place of your melee attack. If you have 6 or more momentum this attack ignores cover.

Flow: variant; Your next variant gets +2 attack. If you have 4 or more momentum you deal extra damage on your next variant equal to your level. (theses bonuses must be used before you end your attack).

Boost: variant; +1 momentum hit or miss.

Disarm: variant; If the target has a weapon they drop it. If not they take a -2 on their next attack roll. If you have 6 or more momentum you destroy non-magical weapons, and toss magical weapons 5 spaces away.

Disable: variant; Trip the target. If you have 6 or more momentum you may choose to stun them instead.

Sweep: variant; push the target 2 spaces. If this causes them to enter the space of another creature the target falls prone. Roll a CMA against the second creature if you hit they fall prone. Requires: Level 4

Blind: variant; Target takes a -2 to all attacks for one round, if you have 4 or more momentum instead you may blind them for one round. Requires: Level 6

Kill: variant; If this attack hits two rounds later make an attack wis + level vs. fortitude. If you succeed the target dies. You must have 6 or more momentum to us this ability. If you have 11 or more momentum the attack vs. fortitude is made immediately Requires: Level 10

Mobility: no action; Gain a bonus against attacks of opportunity while skirmishing.

Lethality: variant; Lose as much momentum as you wish. Deal extra damage according to the chart below. You gain this at 5th level and it cannot be selected earlier.

Reversal: no action; If any enemy misses you with an attack of opportunity you deal them 2*level damage. If you deal damage with this ability you gain 1 momentum, you may only gain this momentum once per turn.


Reposition: When you use the skirmish action theyou first square of movement you make is a shift. Requires: Dex 3

Escape: Counter: An enemy uses an area of effect attack. If a space within 3 spaces of you is un targetable by this attack you may shift there before the attack has its effect. +2 reflex def. Requires: Dex 3, Int 2

Unpredictable movement: If you move your base speed (before bonuses from momentum) or more you gain +2 AC and +1 saves until the start of your next turn. Requires: Dex 3

Evade: counter; If an enemy moves into an adjacent square you may shift 1 square. If this movement takes you into a square adjacent to a different enemy you may make a single variant attack against that enemy as though you were using a momentum attack. Requires: Dex 3 level 5

Hit and run: If you hit an enemy with an attack they may not make attacks of opportunity against you. Requires: Dex 4, level 7

Confidence: If you reduce an enemy to 0 hp you gain+1 bonus momentum and may attack one more target next turn. Requires: Dex 4, level 5

Assault: no action; When you hit an enemy with a variant you may push them 1 space if they are no larger than 1 size category larger than you. Requires: str 3

Drunken Combat: You deal +1 damage for every two squares you move during your skirmish. Multiply this damage by 2 at 4th level, and by 3 at 8th. Requires: str 2

Bolt: You may charge two squares when you use momentum. These squares don’t count toward your movement for the round and you gain the charge bonus against all your targets. Charge penalties last as normal. Requires: str 3

Momentum Tactical
0 -
1-3 +1 damage
4-10 +1 atk, +1 damage
11+ +1 atk, +1 damage,
+1 speed

Surge: When you score a critical hit while skirmishing you gain +1 momentum and may apply a second variant even if you are using that variant on a different target. Requires: wis 3

Open Palm: You may choose to gain +2 on all attacks during a skirmish, but none of your attacks deal damage this turn. Requires: wis 3

Adrenaline: When you begin combat you gain 1 momentum. Requires: wis 3 level 5

Tactical Raid: If an ally is adjacent to one of your targets they gain benefits according to how much momentum you have. Req: Int 3

Maneuver: If you end your skirmish in a square occupied by an ally they may shift one square into the last square you occupied. Req: Int 2

Ready for anything: +2 imitative, +1 for your allies. If you beat all of your enemies in imitative +1 momentum, if all your allies also beat all of your enemies in initiative you gain +2 momentum. Req: Int 3


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