Zorphesia makes a majority of its money on taxes and tariffs on all items passing through its region. It was formerly the most efficient route to pass through the Othagar Mountains, but since the fall of The Red Star in 1034 routes around the city have been rendered extremely dangerous making it the only safe route between Fioria, and The New Republic of Renualt to the west.


The first to settle the area were priests of Phieret. A monastery was built to take advantage of the new properties of the region, and to prevent anything from entering our world that should remain outside. They expanded the roads leading both east and west of their temple which would eventually become the main trade route between Fioria and Renualt.

Soon a village sprang up around the temple which quickly expanded into a large town. Dissidents would flee to take refuge amongst the monks leading to even more immigrants. Zorphesia grew into a great trade city controlling and storing all goods as they made their way across the mountains.

Persons of Note

The Council of Seven

Jean Baptiste Jarreau, Grand General of the Zorphesian Free Army
Zarruxes, Czar of The Merchant’s consortium
Ivan Priyatnik Hierophant of Phieret
Marissa Caulder Speaker of the House of Lords
Malius Slate Supreme Justice of the Peace
Alan Swiftnight Carpenter’s Guildmaster


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